1-Pound Shopper Bags

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Get with the pros: Use SoldierBags' 1-Pound Shopper Bag and set yourself apart from the rest

The days of showcasing your high-quality flowers in turkey bags are over. Not only does the plastic of turkey bags generate static cling to rip your trichomes apart, it's time to step up your professional game in the ever-expanding industry.

Like all SoldierBags, the 1-Pound Shopper keeps your flowers super fresh while keeping odor locked in. A turkey bag doesn't even come close to these odor proof bags.

This ultra-high barrier bag gives you the option of viewing and shopping on one side, and stealth blackout blocking on the other. These food-grade bags are perfect for the long-term storage of flowers, edibles, herbs, food, etc.

Heat-sealed on three sides with an opening at the top for your product. Once the bag is ziplocked, you can heat seal for added protection.

So why ever go with a turkey bag when SoldierBags carries all you need and more?! Check out our 1-Pound Shoppers today!


If you are interested in custom printing, we offer an exceptional value on bulk purchases! Contact us directly for pricing at soldier.bags.company@gmail.com