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How To Use Soldierbags

Heat Seal

For true safety and amazing storage, you can’t find any other product more tough and secure than a SoldierBag. With their high puncture resistance and long lasting heat seals, SoldierBags defend your products from any matter of undesirable happenings: moisture, light, oxidation and prying noses!

Compared to other industry bags, you can literally see and feel the difference of a SoldierBag. Everything else pales in comparison.

To heat seal any of our bags, it’s as simple as using a regular household iron. Just iron an edge together to form a seal and keep the bag’s contents fresh. A hair straightening iron gives you better control over the seal, or better yet, use one of our hot jaw sealers for a professional-looking crimped edge you can’t beat!

Once sealed, SoldierBags are impossible to rip open with bare hands. Whatever form of heat you use, be confident your SoldierBags’ contents are safe, sealed and secured.

Odor proof, moisture proof, light proof, vapor proof, heat sealed and impossible to rip open. You produce the best products and you deserve the best defensive shield: SoldierBags.

Vacuum Seal

While all of our bags are heat sealed, use SoldierBags 1 gallon or 2 gallon VacSeal bags to draw air out for extra freshness. At 7.5 mil thick, these are the thickest bags you can find. Our food-grade bags are also FDA-approved and are great for storing edible products, some which can be packed away for years and still retain their freshness!

High quality SoldierBags use our proprietary foil blend along with textured air channels. Air can be vacuumed out with any vac seal machine like a FoodSaver. However, because of the hefty density of VacSeal SoldierBags, some cheaper home vacuum seal machines may not be able to form a reliable heat seal as they don’t get hot enough.

If you are using something like a FoodSaver, SoldierBags recommends cycling it through twice or using a secondary heat seal via a household iron or hair straightening iron once the air has been vacuumed. If you really want to step up your vacuum seal game, we favor using higher end, commercial grade vac seal machines. We’ve found that the Cabela Pro Series works perfect!

Whatever vacuum seal method you’re using, be confident you’ll have protected and discrete storage. Think about it: Why would you use see-through plastic bags, whose seals are liable to not only break apart over time but also rip apart your product with static cling, when you can use the superior barrier protection of a SoldierBag?

Tips & Tricks

For extra precaution and freshness, SoldierBags recommends the following:

  • After sealing  up your contents, use a bleach and/or rubbing alcohol solution to wash any contaminants from the outside of your bag. 


  • You can still suck the air our of our non-VacSeal bags such as the Mean Green Xtreme, 5 Gallon Xtreme and the Banker Bag Ultra Blocker. When sealing the bag, leave yourself room to insert a hollow, rigid, cylindrical tube of some sort (we like to use the barrel of a writing pen) and then manually draw the air out using your good, old-fashioned lungs.  We find this works especially well with our 5 Gallon Xtremes. 


  • Got product that's turned a little crispy or overdried? Seal it up in a SoldierBag with a Boveda humidification pack to greatly restore its aroma and flavor. This restorative technique has been used successfully time and time again by ourselves and our happy customers.
  • Smell proof bags or weed bags if you will bring great security and peace of mind! odor proof bags to keep you fresh.