2 Gallon VacSeal 7.5 mil

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This is our biggest VacSeal bag and is the only TRUE 7.5 mil vacuum sealable foil blend bag on the market. Our 2 Gallon VacSeal bag holds one pound dried flowers comfortably and two pounds if the material is tight/dense and smaller structured. Dimensions: 14" x 20"

Do not be fooled by others selling plastic vac bags that look like foil as they are NOT the same and do not block odor, moisture and sunlight like a SoldierBag!

SoldierBags are the ultimate in barrier bag protection! No other bag even comes close. Don't risk your investment with an inferior product. Don't risk being detected and giving away your liberties because you thought you were cool in the other guys' bags!

If you're using a household vac machine like a FoodSaver, we highly recommend applying a secondary heat seal to your VacSeal bags. SoldierBags are THE THICKEST bags on the market and not all home vac sealers get hot enough to properly seal them shut. For truly pro results and a super tight seal in one go, use a higher end commercial vac seal machine.

As always with any and all SoldierBags, you can easily apply a secondary seal if necessary with a household iron, hair straightening iron or a SoldierBags Hot Jaw Sealer.